MODERN YOGAMARY STUDIO will open in the near future in Sochi!


blackMODERN YOGAMARY STUDIO is a comfortable, bright space and mood for practicing Yoga, both in groups and individually. We do all to make the practice effective and interesting for you, so it can bring not only physical health, but also emotional balance to your life!

Try yourself and change your life once and for all!

MODERN YOGAMARY STUDIO — Each of us will breathe the belief they were born in and which they belong to!

MODERN YOGAMARY STUDIO is the studio for all who wants to change themselves and their outlook on life!

All practice in MODERN YOGAMARY STUDIO is carried out according only to the moon calendar, which several times increases the power of the practice!

We will show you the world in different look and teach you how to lif your life interestingly!


  • Is founded in modern style
  • nice atmosphere
  • specially picked up music
  • all calculated to the smallest detail
  • made with love
  • for all ages
  • for all religions

MODERN YOGAMARY STUDIO is founded for all people who wants to:white

  • be always fit
  • improve the general condition of the body
  • remove backache forever
  • develop plasticity and flexibility of muscles
  • become confident and achieve their goals
  • learn how to relax
  • achieve harmony with themselves and the surrounding world
  • sleep well, your sleep will become stronger
  • fill the body with positive energy
  • become more joyful
  • learn to eat right

Our advantages:

  • Stylish, comfortable interior and always friendly atmosphere of the studio.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Convenient location.
  • Only joyful, certificated specialists.
  • Practice for each training level.
  • Practice is carried out according to the moon calendar.
  • Tea zone with tasty tea and healthy sweets.
  • Free WI-FI.

Our teachers

All our teachers are certified instructors, knowing all about yoga, friendly and simply good people. They continuously develop themselves and attend various seminars. By practicing they will teach you to do asanas and relax correctly, and eventually help you to remove backache, unemotionally cope with stress, keep yourself fit and sleep well every night.


The interior is made with love and in a pleasant style to let you feel maximally comfortable and convenient, fully relaxed, enjoy practicing yoga and fully trust our teachers. We also picked up the best, relaxing and pleasant music.

In the studio, there is an air conditioning system to let you enjoy the practice even during the hot season. During the cold season, in our studio there will be always warm and comfortable.

After the practice, each of you will be able to enjoy the tasty tea and there will be always healthy sweets on the table. After evening practice, don’t abuse sweets!.

Join us and you will understand that these are not words, but an interesting new life!


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