The Sanskrit noun “yoga” is derived from the root yuj “to attach , join, link, harmony, union, harness, yoke”, etc.

Today each of us knows about yoga. At first, yoga is a practical exercise. The practical exercise is a complex of asanas. The ASANA is a body posture. An asana must be balanced and pleasant. There are lots of variants for each posture.

6Yoga for us

Yoga for us is an excellent opportunity for us to know ourselves and our bodies, improve health and physical form, put your thoughts in order and get rid of stress. Regular practice of yoga always gives positive results and increases vital energy.

There is an opinion that if you practice yoga in accordance with the moon calendar, its effect would increase several times and it is not by chance: it is because all the people on Earth are closely linked to the Moon. All our activity — either physical or mental exercise — is defined by the Moon cycles.

Moon Yoga

In the Moon Yoga, the Moon helps to improve the training results. We are very closely linked to the Nature, which influences us greatly. By switching phases, the Moon continuously alters the inner processes of a human organism. If we take the moon day training into account, we would be able to reach the maximal effect from the training and achieve good results.

Yoga in MODERN YOGAMARY STUDIO will help you to:

  • be always fit
  • improve the general condition of the body
  • remove backache forever
  • develop plasticity and flexibility of muscles
  • become confident and achieve their goals
  • learn how to relax
  • achieve harmony with themselves and the surrounding world
  • sleep well, your sleep will become stronger
  • fill the body with positive energy
  • become more joyful
  • learn to eat right


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