RYT2001M A R Y is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS) https://www.yogaalliance.org/TeacherPublicProfile?tid=227207

 Instagram - @yogamaryru

M A R Y tells about herself:1

When I gave birth to my second child I was suffering from pain in my back and continuous pinched nerve. And the overweight, as well. I visited lots of manual therapists, and all of them told as one — exercise for life! Though the physical exercise was boring and I was recommended to try out practicing yoga. So I gave it a try, I started practicing and that was a beginning of a NEW LIFE for me! And so I understood that yoga is made just for me! Yoga is a healthy lifestyle, beautiful body, right world view, ability to behave without showing excessive emotions, emancipation and many other positive things.

At first I attended one club, then my friend recommended me to try out practicing, and there I stayed, because I understood how important it is to find my own teacher! The right practice depends not only on the atmosphere but also on the teacher’s energy. My teacher's a light, kind and positive 3person! Her training sessions were held in accordance to the moon calendar, which enhanced the effectiveness of the practice. Here, I met some positive people. The more I was practicing, the more I succeeded and the more I enjoyed it. I forgot about my backache! My weight started decreasing! I could not imagine my life without meat and alcohol, it seemed to me that only this was bringing pleasure and relaxation. A now I gave up eating meat and drinking alcohol (without forcing myself, it came naturally along with the practice). If I was told earlier I would give up my bad habits, I would have laughed! Me without meat and alcohol — it’s not me… youth, that’s it! But as I was practicing yoga, I fully changed my view of life and finally began doing what I like!

Yoga helped me to become more confident and finally I decided to start my own business. I am a lawyer by education. I acquired a Bachelor’s and a Master’s grade. Having 2 children and 2 big dogs, despite the fact that I was always busy, I opened a children’s goods Internet shop. I was successful, moved straight ahead, feared nothing and promoted my business. I became a businesswoman, earned my own capital… but still something was missing. Lack of pleasure, that is. Business… it’s a lot of responsibilities, plenty of work, but the work did not bring spiritual pleasure! Time passed by… and finally I found out that I wish to become a yoga teacher!

Learned to certificated yoga teacher to share my experience, skills and help you discover the abilities that lie in each of us! I"ll open my favourite MODERN YOGAMARY STUDIO in Sochi and started a NEW LIFE. Now I found myself and I’m doing things I enjoy a lot.

My goal at the moment is to make someone else happier, to help them become optimists, live an interesting life, be fit and find themselves in this life! I wish to share my experience, knowledge and gain a lot of pleasure!


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